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Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (CD)

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (CD)
Albert Sydney Hornby, Sally Wehmeier
Oxford University Press (2005)
CD | English | 750 MB
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0194316513 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780194316514

This is the world's bestselling advanced learner's dictionary, recommended by learners of English and their teachers, and used by 30 million people. Vocabulary Trainer, only available with the Paperback and CD-ROM edition.


Picture Stories: Language and Literacy Activities for Beginners

Picture Stories: Language and Literacy Activities for Beginners
Fred Ligon , Elizabeth Tannenbaum, Carol Richardson Rodgers
Addison Wesley Publishing Company (June 1990)
PDF | English | 2.3 MB | 121 pages
ISBN-10: 0801303664 | ISBN-13: 978-0801303661

Here's the perfect series for students with little or no literacy skills in English or in their first language. By using stories about immigrant families' experiences when they first arrived in the U.S., the authors present pictures students are certain to understand. Literacy skills as well as more complex tasks in listening, speaking, reading, and writing are learned, practiced, and reinforced using these different picture stories as the focus for each unit.


Edspeak: A Glossary of Education Terms, Phases, Buzzwords, Jargon

Edspeak: A Glossary of Education Terms, Phases, Buzzwords, Jargon
ASCD (Aug 2007) | PDF | English | 1.9 MB | 245 pages
ISBN-10: 1416605754 | ISBN-13: 978-1416605751

Every profession has its own language. Law, medicine, science,business, economics, psychology, sociology—each of these fields has evolved a specialized vocabulary that its members use to communicate with one another. Perhaps this language is necessary to discuss sophisticated ideas that are beyond the understanding of the average citizen; perhaps not. The result, if not the intent, is to mystify the public.
Education is no exception. Like those of other professions,the language of education is often incomprehensible to those outside the field. But more than other professions, education should strive to be intelligible to nonprofessionals. Educators must be able to speak clearly and intelligibly to all those who care about what happens in classrooms. It matters not only for the wellbeing of students but also for the well-being of public education.Parents and citizens who are likely to vote on bond issues or to serve on local school boards need to understand the language of education, just as newcomers to and even veterans in the profession do.


Sidney Greenbaum "Oxford English Grammar"

Sidney Greenbaum "Oxford English Grammar"

Oxford University Press (1996) | ISBN 0198612508 | 672 Pages | PDF | 11.4 MB

Written by one of the world's leading grammarians, The Oxford English Grammar is a completely new book which combines an authoritative review of and topic reference for English grammar. Opening with an outline of national, regional, and social variation in English, the book details descriptive and prescriptive approaches, and attitudes to English amongst both native and non-native speakers. This is followed by an account of the development of grammar, and a review of modern approaches to this complex subject. The central section of the book is a presentation of current English grammar at sentence, clause, phrase, and word level; with the last chapters covering grammar in relation to discourse, word-formation, lexis, pronunciation and intonation, punctuation, and spelling. A full index is provided, and examples of usage are drawn from a wide range of sources, including use of the new International Corpus of English at University College London. Written in a readable and absorbing style, The Oxford English Grammar is an essential reference for English-speakers around the world.


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Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English by Diana Lea (Editor)

Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English
by Diana Lea (Editor)

Oxford University Press, USA (Dec 2002)
CHM | English | 4.9 MB | 912 pages

A completely new type of dictionary that will help students write and speak natural-sounding English. The dictionary has very few definitions. Only when multiple meanings exist, it defines it, making it real cumbersome if you do not know the definition. But, that occurs only seldomly, because, there are only 9000 words in the book. So most of the words are familiar words. (Elementary level dictionary contains at least 50,000 words.)


The Oxford History of English

Lynda Mugglestone, The Oxford History of English
Oxford University Press (2006) | ISBN 0199249318
PDF | 3.2 MB | 498 pages

This book presents the history of English from its obscure Indo-European roots to its twenty-first
century position as the world's first language. It shows how English evolved in the British Isles and how it spread to the United States and through the old British empire to every corner of the world. It examines the different versions and roles of the language in every part of the globe and shows how English rose to international pre-eminence. With approachable but impeccable scholarship fourteen experts chart the history of written and spoken English in all its rich and protean variety. Their accounts are made vivid with examples drawn from an immense range of documentary evidence including letters, diaries, and private records. They explore and explain the mixture of gradual and rapid change in the words, meanings, grammar, or pronunciation of English at different times and in different places. They examine the three-century rise of standard English and received pronunciation and consider their current status and wellbeing. This book will appeal to everyone with a keen interest in the English language and its development.


The Grammar of Words: An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology

The Grammar of Words: An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology
Oxford University Press, USA (Jan 2005)
PDF | English | 1.2 MB | Pages: 322
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0199258473 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780199258475

This text provides an up-to-date introduction to the morphological analysis of words. Morphology deals with the internal structure of words and how this structure affects their phonological, syntactic and semantic properties. This book covers both inflection (the different forms of a word), and word formation, the ways in which new words can be added to the vocabulary of a language. The enormous variety of morphological operations that we find in natural languages is quite intriguing. The first part of the book gives a cross-linguistic survey of these operations: affixation, compounding, reduplication, and several kinds of phonological operation. The specific properties of word formation and inflection are dealt with in subsequent chapters. The second part of the book focuses on the ways in which the morphological structure of words determines their phonological, syntactic, and semantic properties. These different 'interfaces' are dealt with systematically, again with illustrations from a number of languages. In the last part of the book the reader is introduced to present-day research on the acquisition of morphological knowledge, and on the way in which complex words are processed. This will give insight as to how lexical knowledge is structured and how it is stored in memory.


English Brainstormers!: Ready-to-Use Games & Activities That Make Language Skills Fun to Learn

English Brainstormers!: Ready-to-Use Games & Activities
That Make Language Skills Fun to Learn
Jossey-Bass; 1st edition (Oct 2002)
PDF | English | 1.5 MB | 320 pages
ISBN-10: 0787965839 | ISBN-13: 978-0787965839

For English and language arts teachers in grades 6-12, heres a unique collection of over 180 fun-filled, ready-to-use activities that help build the skills your students need for test-taking and overall academic success. These activities make learning enjoyable and stimulating while covering the entire English curriculum, including grammar, mechanics, vocabulary, creative writing, literature, research, and critical thinking.

Youll find a variety of exciting games such as crosswords, word searches, scrambled words, magic squares, letter substitutions, cryptograms, and word play – plus activities on story writing, literary analysis, word origins, and more. These exercises can be used to introduce new topics, review skills, complete as homework, or just to take a quick break from the routine!


Basic English Usage

Basic English Usage
Oxford University Press (Jan 1986)
PDF | English | 2.7 MB | 288 pages
ISBN-10: 0194311872 | ISBN-13: 978-0194311878

An alphabetical guide to the most common problems of grammar and vocabulary.
Michael Swan is a writer specializing in English language teaching and reference materials. His interests include pedagogic grammar, mother-tongue influence in second language acquisition, and the relationship between applied linguistic theory and classroom language-teaching practice, and he has published a number of articles on these topics. Michael has had extensive experience with adult learners and has worked with teachers in many countries. He is a Visiting Professor at St Mary's College, University of Surrey.


Oxford Guide to English Grammar

Oxford Guide to English Grammar
Oxford University Press (Sep 1994)
PDF | English | 6 MB | 456 pages
ISBN-10: 0194313514 | ISBN-13: 978-0194313513

This is a fine book, covering all aspects of English grammar. It is ideal for foreign students learning English and for those of use whose grammar is not what it was! The text is very clearly laid out and makes excellent use of italics and bold fonts to help follow the idea. There are also loads of examples to help the reader appreciate the full scope of the English language. The only drawback is that there is no way of testing what you have learnt - other than by actually writing of course! Despite that I would recomend it to anyone interested in studying the English language.


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Idioms in American Life

Idioms in American Life
Julie Howard | Prentice Hall; 1st edition (Feb 1987)
PDF | English | 2.3 MB| 138 pages
ISBN-10: 0134502078 | ISBN-13: 978-0134502076

This introductory book of idioms is designed to be used in advanced-beginning and intermediate classes of ESUEFL and is appropriate for adult, college-level,or secondary school students.
An idiom is a group of two or more words that has a special meaning different from the meanings of its component parts. The idioms in this book have been selected with regard to frequency of use and degree of difficulty. The lesson design is based on the following premises:
1. Advanced beginners and intermediate students have encountered idioms and are curious about them.
2. These students can and should learn to understand and use idioms.
3. To attain fluency learners must come away from the lesson with a clear understanding
of the idioms in both situational and grammatical contexts.
4. A feeling of accomplishment will result when students have had intensive practice in the use of a few idioms at a time. Memorization of long lists of idioms that they cannot use confidently will result in discouragement and apathy.
The text consists of twenty self-contained lessons. There is a review section after every four lessons, and a crossword puzzle follows lessons 10 and 20. The book will reinforce students' grammar, writing, and conversation skills.Manipulation of statements, questions, and negatives in the simple present, present continuous, simple past, and future tenses is required throughout. As a rule,items requiring familiarity with the present perfect are located in the second half of the book.


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TIME Magazine March 10, 2008 Vol. 171 No. 10

TIME Magazine March 10, 2008 Vol. 171 No. 10
DOC (MS Word) + PDF + MP3 | English | 3.6 + 1.2 + 40 MB

COVER: Does Experience Matter in a President? - Some are arguing that Barack Obama is too green for the job. But does experience guarantee success?
• SOCIETY: Your Own Private Island - New technology makes living on one more feasible. How to find the ultimate waterfront property
• BUSINESS: Visa Charges On - If this is the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, why can the
credit-card giant plan the biggest IPO ever?
• PEOPLE: 10 Questions for Natalie Portman - She's a Harvard grad, an acclaimed actress and a humanitarian, but she says she's no role model. Her new movie is The Other Boleyn Girl. Natalie Portman will now take your questions

DOC (MS Word) => 3.6 MB
PDF => 1.2 MB
Audio [MP3, 96kps, 44 kHz] => 40 MB

2500 Keywords to Get You Hired

2500 Keywords to Get You Hired
McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (2002)
PDF | English | 2 MB | 224 pages
ISBN: 0071406735

Now that 70 percent of job searches are conducted online, and resumes are processed by computers programmed to scan for keywords, knowing the right keywords?­?­or buzzwords associated with a profession, industry, or job function?­?­and how to use them effectively has never been a more critical job-search skill.
The most comprehensive reference of its kind, this powerful resume-writing resource gives readers instant access to 2,500 indispensable keywords germane to 300 careers in nine employment categories?­?­from business, the law, and health care, to the arts, education and media?­?­and shows how to use them effectively.
In 2,500 Keywords to Get You Hired, readers will find:
* Keywords for hundreds of individual careers
* A complete listing of critical keywords for each career
* Boxed examples demonstrating how keywords can be deployed strategically in a resume
* Sample resumes incorporating keywords


Essential English Grammar

Essential English Grammar
Dover Publications (June 1966)
PDF | English | 9.3 MB | 177 pages
ISBN-10: 0486216497 | ISBN-13: 978-0486216492

This logical, developmental presentation of the major aspects of English grammar includes all the necessary tools for speech and comprehension. Designed for adults with limited learning time who wish to acquire the basics of everyday English, this grammar features numerous shortcuts and timesavers. Ideal as an introduction, supplement, or refresher.


Literature (The New Critical Idiom)

Literature (The New Critical Idiom)
P. Widdowson | Routledge (1999)
PDF | English | 30.3 MB | Pages: 240
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0415169143 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780415169141

Literature, the latest volume in the highly successful New Critical Idiom series, is at once a compact mine of information about the development and more recent discrediting of the concept of "literature," and a reflection on the contemporary nature, place and function of what the literary might mean for us today. Comprehensive in scope, it offers a concise history of the consitution of a canonic concept of "literature" from its earliest origins to the orthodoxies that occurred through the later nineteenth-century to the middle of the twentieth. It also traces its dismantling from the late-60s onward. Finally, the book attemps to recuperate a notion of "the literary" by way of a series of readings of diverse texts. It is an excellent primer for anyone who loves the written word.


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Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature: Middle English

Oxford Twenty-First Century Approaches to Literature: Middle English
Oxford University Press, USA (May 2007)
PDF | English | 3.3 MB | 576 pages
ISBN-10: 019928766X | ISBN-13: 978-0199287666

These original essays mean to provoke rather than reassure, to challenge rather than codify. Instead of summarizing existing knowledge after the fashion of the now-ubiquitous literary 'companions,' these essays aim at opening fresh discussion; instead of emphasizing settled consensus they direct their readers to areas of enlivened and unresolved debate. Although 'major authors' such as Chaucer and Langland are richly represented, many little-known and neglected texts are considered as well. Analysis is devoted not only to self-sufficient works, but to the general conditions of textual production and reception. Contributors to this collection include some recognized and admired names, but also a good many newer faces: younger scholars whose groundbreaking research is just coming into full view, and whose perspectives will influence the terms of literary discussion in the decades to come. Encouraged to speculate, they have addressed topics that unsettle previous categories of investigation. Each is oriented toward the emergent, the unfinalized, the yet-to-be-done. Each essay stirs new questions and concludes with suggestions for further reading and investigation that will allow readers to extend their own research into the questions it has raised.


New Headway Pronunciation Course (New Headway English Course)

New Headway Pronunciation Course (New Headway English Course)
Bill Bowler, Sarah Cunningham | Oxford University Press (1999)
PDF | English | Pages: 64
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0194362450 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780194362450

New Headway Intermediate Pronunciation Course is a practical and imaginative addition to the New Headway English Course. Its aim is to help students to express themselves both clearly and confidently, by training them in the key areas of pronunciation, in particular the production of individual sounds, word and sentence stress and intonation.
The course , with its accompanying cassette, is suitable for self-study as well as for classroom use. Although it recycles the language and topics of New Headway Intermediate Student's Book, it is also suitable for intermediate students following any course who wish to improve their pronunciation .Sarah Cunningham and Bill Bowler are experienced teachers and teacher trainers and have worked with both monolingual and multilingual classes in a wide variety of countries.


The Power Drill Grammar Book

The Power Drill Grammar Book
John Kooistra, Alison Kooistra | Full Blast Productions (2000)
PDF | English | Pages: 79
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1895451353 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781895451351

The reproducible, high-energy Power Drill Grammar Book offers 70 lessons on basic grammatical structures, common usage problems, the fundamentals of punctuation, and elementary paragraphing skills. It is intended for use with grammar students in elementary schools and middle schools. There are seven units, and each consists of ten lessons, including a feature lesson called "The Grammar Games." The Power Drill Book aims to combine enjoyment with learning, on the principle that grammar can be the most enjoyable, not the least enjoyable, of a student's (and teacher's!) subjects. What makes The Power Drill Grammar Book unique? It's fun. It's practical. The sample sentences are in step with modern times (computers, video games, etc.). Most importantly, the grammar is simple, clear, up-to-date -- and it's focussed on students' primary needs: error correction of their writing and speech, and expansion of their range of expression.


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Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell: Step Up to IELTS Teacher's Book

Vanessa Jakeman, Clare McDowell: Step Up to IELTS Teacher's Book
Cambridge University Press (May 2004) | ISBN:0521533015 | 80 Pages
PDF | English | 9.6 MB

This course covers essential exam skills and language for IELTS in approximately sixty hours' teaching time, and familiarises students quickly with the exam. The course covers both the Academic and General Training modules It provides students with invaluable advice on how to maximise their band score in the exam. Shorter, achievable exam-type tasks build students' exam skills, before students try the more challenging tasks at authentic test level. The test practice sections at the end of each unit together constitute a whole sample IELTS test. The 'With answers' edition contains a full answer key and information on the exam, making it ideal for students preparing independently. For students with more time, the pocket-sized Personal Study Book provides extra vocabulary, grammar and writing practice.


Alastair Fowler - "How to Write"

Alastair Fowler "How to Write"
Oxford University Press, USA (2007) | ISBN:0199278504 | 212 Pages
PDF | English | 1.5 MB

How to Write is an introductory guide to writing, aimed at people who think they can't write, or for whom writing is an ordeal. Broken down into short topic-based chapters on everything from beginning to revising, it demystifies the writing process by taking the reader through each stage necessary to bring a piece of writing to a decent finish. The book also offers a wealth of invaluable practical considerations, including when and where to write, when to printout and when to edit onscreen, what type of pen works well for revisions, and the hazards of the paperclip.


How To Teach Pronunciation (Book with Audio CD)

How To Teach Pronunciation (Book with Audio CD)
Gerald Kelly | Pearson ESL (2001) | Pages: 160
PDF | English | 15.3 MB + MP3 21.8 MB
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0582429757 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780582429758

*Provides detailed analyses of key topics such as vowels, consonants, stress and intonation, with a variety of sample lessons for each topic
*Includes a photocopiable Learner's Reference Chart of English Sounds, a breakdown of common pronunciation errors, and pronunciation and spelling tables
*An audio CD with spoken examples of sounds, words and phrases from the book puts the theories examined into a clear context

BOOK (PDF) => 15.3 MB
AUDIO CD (MP3) => 21.8 MB

Karen Lourie Blanchard, Christine Baker Root "Ready to Write - A First Composition Text (Second Edition)"

Karen Lourie Blanchard, Christine Baker Root
Ready to Write - A First Composition Text (Second Edition)

Longman Publishing Group (Jan 1994) | ISBN:0201859998 | 108 Pages | PDF | 12 MB

Ready to Write came about because of our threefold conviction that:
• lower-level students learn to write well and achieve a more complete English proficiency by learning and practicing composition skills simultaneously with other skills that they are learning;
• lower-level students are interested in and capable of writing expressively in English, however simple the language, on a variety of provocative and sophisticated topics if they are supplied with the basic vocabulary and organizational tools;
• ESL students need to be explicitly taught that different languages organize information differently, and they need to be shown how to organize information
correctly in English.


The New Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes (Oxford Books of Prose & Verse)

The New Oxford Book of Literary Anecdotes (Oxford Books of Prose & Verse)
John Gross (editor) | Oxford University Press, USA (May 2006)
PDF | English | 1.4 MB | 400 pages
ISBN-10: 0192804685 | ISBN-13: 978-0192804686

An unrivalled collection of literary gossip and intimate sidelights on the lives of the authors The dictionary defines an anecdote as 'a short account of an entertaining or interesting incident', and the anecdotes in this collection more than live up to that description. Many of them are funny, often explosively so. Others are touching, outrageous, sinister, inspiring, or downright weird. They show writers in the English-speaking world from Chaucer to the present acting both unpredictably, and deeply in character.
The range is wide - this is a book which finds room for Milton and Margaret Atwood, George Eliot and P. G. Wodehouse, Chinua Achebe and Ian Fleming, Brendan Behan and Wittgenstein. It is also a book in which you can find out which great historian's face was once mistaken for a baby's bottom, which film star left a haunting account of Virginia Woolf not long before her death, and what Agatha Christie really thought of Hercule Poirot - a book not just for lovers of literature, but for anyone with a taste for the curiosities of human nature.


Becoming a Translator: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation

Becoming a Translator:
An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation
Douglas H. Robinson | Routledge (2003)
PDF | English | 1.6 MB | Pages: 320
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0415300339 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780415300339

Douglas Robinson presents an innovative approach to translation by integrating translation theory and the practical skills required by the working translator. The book provides the type of information and advice that novice translators really need:
* how to translate faster and more accurately
* how to deal with arising problems and stress
* how the market works
* includes a wide variety of lively activities and exercises to facilitate the learning of both theory and practice
* includes a detailed Teachers Guide - contains suggestions for discussion and activities and hints for the teaching of translation.
Becoming a Translator has been specifically designed for introductory undergraduate courses in the theory and practice of translation. It will also be of interest to professional translators and students of translation and language.


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TIME Magazine March 3, 2008 Vol. 171 No. 9

TIME Magazine March 3, 2008 Vol. 171 No. 9
DOC (MS Word) + PDF + MP3 | English | 2.2 + 1.0 + 26.8 MB

COVER: Guess Who Came to Dinner? - A visit from George Clooney, home handyman and the last true movie star
• WORLD: Cuba's Chance - With Fidel Castro finally fading from the scene, his brother and heir Raúl has a golden opportunity to take the country on a new path to freedom. The U.S. can help--if it is prepared to break some shackles of its own
• HEALTH & MEDICINE: Stuck on the Couch - Psst! Exercise is good for you. Knew that already? So do most of us, yet we still do nothing about it. Here's why
• ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT: Who Owns History? - Nations want their looted art returned. Great museums want to keep the treasures. Is there a right way to divide the past?

DOC (MS Word) => 2.2 MB
PDF => 1.0 MB
Audio [MP3, 96kps, 44 kHz] => 26.8 MB

New Grammar Practice for Pre Intermediate Students

New Grammar Practice for Pre Intermediate Students
Longman (May 2000) | ISBN 0582417104 | 176 Pages | PDF | 1 MB

* Step-by-step grammar explanations with clear examples

* A wealth of varied practice exercises with write-in space on the page
* Tests to monitor students' progress
* Illustrated with lively cartoons to increase students' understanding *An index and a comprehensive contents list for easy reference
* For self-study, homework or use in class.


A Good Turn of Phrase: Advanced Practice in Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Phrases Student's Book

A Good Turn of Phrase:
Advanced Practice in Phrasal Verbs and Prepositional Phrases Student's Book

J. Milton, B. Blake, V. Evans | Express Publishing (2000)
PDF | English | 9.3 MB | 98 Pages
ISBN-10: 1842168487 | ISBN-13: 9781842168486

Offers comprehensive presentation and extensive practice of commonly used phrasal verbs and prepositional phrases at advanced level. Suitable both for classroom and self-study use.
The Teacher's Book provides a full key to the exercises in the Student's Book as well as photocopiable assessment tests.


Kristine Brown, Susan Hood "Writing Matters: Writing Skills and Strategies for Students of English"

Kristine Brown, Susan Hood
"Writing Matters: Writing Skills and Strategies for Students of English"

Cambridge University Press (1989)
ISBN:0521348951 | 160 Pages | PDF | 4.3 MB

Writing Matters is designed to develop students' writing ability and give them the confidence to use this ability in everyday life. Through extensive use of real-life examples it provides useful models for students and teachers to work from and discuss in the classroom. It emphasises that writing is a process and also that the demands of writing vary depending on the reader, the purpose, the content and the writing situation. Accordingly, the book is divided into two parts. Part 1 deals with basic procedures such as preparing, drafting and revising texts and also offers help in the often difficult areas of spelling and punctuation. Part 2 focuses on writing contexts ranging from the functional (letters of application, postcards, advertisements) to more creative, personal writing. The units in this part give practice in all these different types of writing. This book
* guides students progressively towards proficient and effective writing
* uses lively, authentic material as models
* is relevant to students' real-life needs and interests
* can be used flexibly as a course or as supplementary material. Written by experienced teachers specialising in writing skills development, Writing Matters can also be used by adult speakers of English as a first language and secondary school students.


Developing Grammar in Context Intermediate with Answers: Grammar Reference and Practice

Developing Grammar in Context Intermediate with Answers:
Grammar Reference and Practice

Cambridge University Press (September 2003)
PDF | English | 8.9 MB | 336 pages
ISBN-10: 0521627125 | ISBN-13: 978-0521627122

Developing Grammar in Context provides clear explanations and lively practice focusing on key grammar areas. Using spoken and written examples drawn from the Cambridge International Corpus, Developing Grammar in Context will help learners consolidate and deepen their understanding of how English really works. It can be used in the classroom or for self-study.
Key Features:
* Language is shown in authentic contexts to encourage learners to focus on meaning as well as structure.
* A range of practice activities cater for different needs and help learners think about their own learning.
* Language areas are presented inductively to help engage learners' attention.


The Novel Writer's Toolkit: A Guide to Writing Novels and Getting Published

The Novel Writer's Toolkit:
A Guide to Writing Novels and Getting Published

by Bob Mayer
Writer's Digest Books; 1st edition (August 2003)
PDF | English | 1.0 MB | 256 pages
ISBN-10: 1582972613 | ISBN-13: 978-1582972619

Here's the book writers have been waiting for! Covering every aspect of the creative journey, Living the Writing Life shows readers how to:
*Develop salable ideas
*Turn ideas into stories
*Set a writing schedule and stick to it
*Conduct accurate research
*Dissect best-sellers in order to discover what makes them work
*Develop compelling characters and plot
*Write dialogue that sounds real and engaging
*Find an agent or an editor who will help publish your work
*Put their ideas into story form
*Understand the submission and publishing process
*Promote their work
*Stay alive and inspired through it all
Advice is given in a straightforward and usable manner, laying out and examining all of the tools available to writers, from imagination to technology.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Proverbs: A Handbook (Greenwood Folklore Handbooks)

Proverbs: A Handbook (Greenwood Folklore Handbooks)
Wolfgang Mieder | Greenwood Press (June 2004)
PDF | English | 14.6 MB | 322 pages
ISBN-10: 0313326983 | ISBN-13: 978-0313326981

"Experience is the mother [or father] of wisdom," as people have been saying in English since the mid-sixteenth century, and few scholars can have a broader or longer experience of proverbs than Professor Mieder. This handbook distils the fruits of that experience into a format designed to cover the subject from many different angles, while also serving as a permanent reference book....The range of topics is astonishing: proverbs in novels, plays, political speeches, art, advertisements, songs, cartoons, comics; proverbs seen in relation to social issues, education, religion, psychology. The reader is also alerted to the remarkable possibilities for research that the Internet now offers if one wants to test the current popularity and uses of a specific proverb....


Saturday, 17 May 2008

English for International Tourism: Pre-intermediate Class (English for Tourism)

English for International Tourism: Pre-intermediate Class (English for Tourism)
Longman (Nov 2002) | 144 pages
PDF | English | 10.53 MB
ISBN-10: 0582479886 | ISBN-13: 978-0582479883

English for International Tourism is a language course designed to cater for learners studying for vocational qualifications in the travel trade and for working professionals undertaking in-service language training. The course deals with the language of tourism from an insider's occupational perspective rather than of the individual traveller. However, neither teacher nor student needs first hand knowledge of the industry because, it is not technical or over-specialised in nature.


The Complete Rhyming Dictionary: Including The Poet's Craft Book

The Complete Rhyming Dictionary: Including The Poet's Craft Book
Dell Publishing; Revised edition (March 1992)
PDF | English | 8.9 MB | 720 pages
ISBN-10: 0440212057 | ISBN-13: 978-0440212058

This simple-to-use, exceptionally complete reference work has been updated, expanded and redesigned to meet the needs of today's most demanding wordsmiths. Included here are over 10,000 new entries--over 60,000 in all, sight, vowel, consonant, and one-, two-, and three-syllable rhymes.


New Market Leader Advanced Business English Practice File (with audio CD)

New Market Leader Advanced Business English Practice File (with audio CD)
John Rogers | Longman
PDF + MP3 | 26.4 + 50.4 MB

Market Leader Advanced reflects the world of business today, and the issues that are shaping the business environment - from ‘energy’ to ‘doing business online’ and ‘project management’.
Market Leader uses authentic resources and material from the business environment, such as the world famous and respected Financial Times. Using authentic material means students get the best business resources around and helps expand their practical vocabulary and so build their language confidence.

PDF (Workbook) => 26.4 MB
MP3 (Audio) => 50.4 MB

Opportunites in Technical Writing (Opportunities in)

Opportunites in Technical Writing (Opportunities in)
Jay R. Gould | McGraw-Hill (2008) | Pages: 160
PDF | English | 1.2 MB
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0071493115 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780071493116

Each book offers:
The latest information on a field of interest
Training and educational requirements for each career
Salary statistics for different positions within each field
Up-to-date professional and Internet resources


A History of the English Language

A History of the English Language
Albert C. Baugh | Routledge (2002) | Pages: 464
PDF | English | 4.46 MB
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0415280990 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780415280990

For anyone interested in the English language, and anyone curious about it, I strongly recommend this major book. Of course, get the latest edition, mine is the fifth, that is the 2002 edition.

As to the book itself, it's a most complete study of English. It does a wonderful job of explaining the development in history of the language and it willl undoubtedly shed so much light on your understanding of English that it's really worth a peek. That book will make clear most of the strangeness of English; if you ever wondered about "irregular" verbs--as most non-native do--you will find the answer in this book. And there's more than just English alone, the book also deals with Indo-European and tells a lot about tons of other things that make the whole thing--the development of languages--much clearer to the reader.

That is the book most used by universities as far as the history of English is concerned. You don't need to be a specialised linguist to read it, by the way; even though, due to the extreme preciseness of the work, you may not remember most of the details put in there. I'm thinking mostly of historical details and such, but that shouldn't worry you, just know it's very well documented.


You Too Can Speak English: An Oral Approach

You Too Can Speak English: An Oral Approach
International Teacher Service
PDF | English | 6.6 MB | 61 Pages

Learning good pronounciation is a matter of developing motor skills like the motion of lips, tongue etc.


Everyday Idioms for Reference and Practice (Everyday Idioms for Reference & Practice Book 2)

Everyday Idioms for Reference and Practice
(Everyday Idioms for Reference & Practice Book 2)

Ronald E. Feare | Addison Wesley Publishing Company (June 1997)
PDF | English | 2.3 MB | 168 pages
ISBN-10: 0201441810 | ISBN-13: 978-0201441819

I've found that quite a few books contain idioms that are only used in parts of the U.S., or are out-of-date or unusual. One of my international graduate students commented that she constantly saw the idioms she had learned in print- these are really the idioms that are popular and taken for granted. I only wish that there had been more information about how to use the idioms correctly in context; more definition of the socio-linguistic limits.


The Art of Writing & Speaking The English Language

The Art of Writing & Speaking The English Language
Sherwin Cody | Echo Library
PDF | English | 1.13 MB | 172 pages
ISBN-10: 1406846570 | ISBN-13: 978-1406846577

If there is a subject of really universal interest and utility, it is the art of writing and speaking one's own language effectively. It is the basis of culture, as we all know; but it is infinitely more than that: it is the basis of business. No salesman can sell anything unless he can explain the merits of his goods in effective English (among our people), or can write an advertisement equally effective, or present his ideas, and the facts, in a letter. Indeed, the way we talk, and write letters, largely determines our success in life.
Now it is well for us to face at once the counter-statement that the most ignorant and uncultivated men often succeed best in business, and that misspelled, ungrammatical advertisements have brought in millions of dollars. It is an acknowledged fact that our business circulars and letters are far inferior in correctness to those of Great Britain; yet they are more effective in getting business. As far as spelling is concerned, we know that some of the masters of literature have been atrocious spellers and many suppose that when one can sin in such company, sinning is, as we might say, a "beauty spot", a defect in which we can even take pride.


Sound Patterns of Spoken English

Sound Patterns of Spoken English
Linda Shockey | Wiley-Blackwell (2003)
PDF | English | Pages: 167
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0631230807 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780631230809

Sound Patterns of Spoken English is a concise, to-the-point compendium of information about the casual pronunciation of everyday English as compared to formal citation forms.
Concise, to-the-point compendium of information about casual pronunciation of English as compared to citation forms.
Covers varieties of English language including General American and Standard Southern British.
Overlaps the boundaries of several areas of study including sociolinguistics, lexicography, rhetoric, and speech sciences.
Examines English pronunciation as found in everyday speech.


Truth in Translation: Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Truth in Translation:
Accuracy and Bias in English Translations of the New Testament

Jason David BeDuhn | University Press of America (2003)
DjVu | English | Pages: 113
ISBN-10: 0761825568 | ISBN-13: 9780761825562

Truth in Translation is a critical study of Biblical translation, assessing the accuracy of nine English versions of the New Testament in wide use today. By looking at passages where theological investment is at a premium, the author demonstrates that many versions deviate from accurate translation under the pressure of theological bias.


Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching

Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching
Corony Edwards, Jane Willis | Palgrave Macmillan (2005)
PDF | English | Pages: 272
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1403945578 | ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781403945570

This book was written for language teachers by language teachers, with a view to encouraging readers to use more tasks in their lessons, and to explore for themselves various aspects of task-based teaching and learning. It gives insights into ways in which tasks can be designed, adapted and implemented in a range of teaching contexts and illustrates ways in which tasks and task-based learning can be investigated as a research activity. Practicing language teachers and student professionals in graduate TESOL and Applied Linguistics programs will find this a rich resource of varied experience in the classroom and a stimulus to their own qualitative studies.


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